Sexy blonde shaking booty.

This blonde girl knows how to shake that booty. Her hair may not be natural blond but any ways look good with the color of her skin, the small tight white short also help to maker look hot. But probably with all that movement and all of this shaking in your screen the last thing you are going to pay atention to is her skin color.

She is a winner

This girl is competing in some kind of a contest, where she needs to move very sexy. She moves like a maniac, her body is very hot and voluptuous, and as you would see at 0:40 she is very, very flexible in a delicious way. I have no doubt she is a winner.
She won my heart and captured my imagination, What about yours?

Couple of girls rubbing their butts

This couple of girls are dancing for the camera, this is what we call “perreo” This is a very sexy dance and this girls flirt with the camera all the time shaking their bodies like Latinas know. Don’t miss this.

Small can be sexy

If you are very size oriented, here I got this slim girl with small butt dancing for you, that I still think is sexy. What do you think? I also invite you to watch this Asian girls

Shakira dancing sexy shaking hips

I know, this blog supposed to be about amateur girls dancing in their houses, but I saw this video and like it to much so I decided to share it here, and I think everybody are going to like it because Shakira may be off topic, but it's also out of any league.